Here is Why Stainless Steel Rebar is used in Reinforced Concrete?

There is a growing trend among Indian specifiers which is quite evident  to use stainless steel bar because once a structure built with stainless steel reinforcement is commissioned, there will be a dramatic reduction in repairs for the design life of the project. It is known as the most potent one which is more resistant to damage than any of the other corrosive-resistant or corrosive-proof types or rebar that can be bent in the field effortlessly . Though the stainless steel bar costis about eight times the cost of coated bar but for reinforced concrete , no other class of rebar can be adequate.It has a greater resistance to corrosion, lower magnetic permeability and higher elasticity. The preferred type of stainless steel rebar can be used in concrete construction while keeping in mind these following features :

Since stainless steel can cope with  the destructive forces of chloride from road salts and  even concrete itself, it’s becoming quite the widely used rebar for new bridges and other construction sites . To keep costs lower, the special rebar needs no support for entire building , but only for those integral  parts prone to the corrosive conditions. Regular carbon steel rebar can still hold the unexposed sections.
Other buildings that calls for superior corrosion resistance include:
●    Highway entrance and exit ramps.
●    Parking garages
●    Tunnels
●    Airport bridges and taxiways

For uses where the magnetic properties of high carbon steel can’t be applicable, stainless steel rebar comes to the rescue.This shows that Stainless steel, while maintaining all the strength and toughness of steel, forms still less of a magnetic field.

And this is why stainless steel rebar manufactures in india have also gained a wide acceptance among Indian market and are targeting the buildings below:
●    Hospitals.
●    Other medical facilities with MRI machines.
●    Toll booths with electronic pass detection
●    Laboratories.

Stainless steel rebar also acquires greater tensile strength and resists dullness better than usual rebar. With exceptional ductility, these rebar products allow some construction strategies to use less high-strength concrete than would otherwise be necessary.
The ductility of stainless steel makes it perfect to use in:
●    Earthquake zones.
●    Cold applications such as liquefied gas storage
●    Bridges and overpasses.

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