Here is why One Should always choose stainless steel railings

Are you tired of cleaning dust that is accumulated often in your railings? Do you find it annoying to paint your railings at regular intervals? If yes, you must switch to stainless steel railings which are long lasting and easy to wash and maintain.

If you have mild steel railings, chances are they get corroded over a period of time. But stainless steel, being a corrosion-resistant material, possesses a longer life than any other material. Not only this, it is also stronger, eco-friendly and thus, uses of stainless steel in daily life also promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Stainless steel railing price might seem high at first, but its durability and low-maintenance save a lot of money. Stainless steel uses and properties are so versatile that today it has become the number one choice for many homeowners.

Stainless steel railings also look aesthetically appealing as compared to other materials such as wood and mild steel. The minimal yet elegant designs of stainless steel railings make for a perfect contemporary choice for modern homeowners.

To understand why stainless steel railings are better than any other material, we have also presented a comparison table below. Have a look.

Railings Wood MS Aluminum
Timeless Sheen N N N
Bacteria & Germ resistance N N N
Durable N N N
Low maintenance cost N N  
  Y Y Y
No repainting N N N
High Strength to weight ratio N N N
Weather Resistance N N N
Recyclable Y Y Y

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