How to polish a stainless steel sink

Cleaning a kitchen is always a hassle. Requires loads of detergent, scrubs, water and definitely a lot of hard work. But, with stainless steel sinks, that is never the case!
There are many kinds of surface treatment methods for stainless steel sink, and different surface treatment has different effects. Common surface treatment includes Silk Brush, among which mercerization is the most widely used surface treatment. Its surface effect is fine and very smooth, and the visual effect will give people a high-grade and atmospheric feeling. But also because of this, this kind of surface treatment is higher to the requirement of stainless steel plate, equipment and craft, so the kitchen stainless steel sink price that is made naturally can be more expensive, but it is wear-resistant and has certain effect.

Here are the steps to to polish stainless steel sink

Firstly, the choice of materials. At present, the better stainless steel sheet material is POSCO material, which is also the material used by international first-line brands.

Polish is divided into manual grinding and mechanical automation grinding, Drawing surface technology is to use a drawing equipment on the surface of the water tank repeatedly drawn. Make its surface to produce a line of fine silk, but also very smooth, hand feeling and visual have a strong affinity. But because the drawing surface of the water sink makes the surface of the water sink feel like silk marks, so you can't use a steel wire ball to scrape, which will destroy the surface of the water sink. Some more formal high-end manufacturers have their own automatic grinding line, this way is very efficient and faster than artificial. Manual grinding is only to polish the place where the machine did not polish.

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