Why Stainless Steel Water Tanks are preferred over Plastic Tanks?

The pervasiveness of Stainless steel is attributed to its unique benefits which give it an edgeover other metallic alternatives in the market, especially poly tanks. Though, water tanks are no available in various materials like concrete, steel, and polyethylene, with each having their own benefits. However, stainless steel tanks are considered to be the excellent choice. Read below to learn more about 

Safe for Drinking Water 
Stainless steel water tanks are more reliable in comparison to Poly Tanks. Stainless steel has a property to resist oxidation by water or other pytheroids. Therefore in comparison to plastic , it assures clear and pristine water to the consumers.

Easy to Maintain 
They can be easily maintained when compared to Polyethylene water tanks. All these aspects can justify its distinctive properties vs plastic ones. 

Susceptible to Leaks 
Plastic tanks are susceptible to leaks, however, stainless steel water storage tanks are more sturdy. Therefore, plastic tanks are prone to leakages as compared to the stainless steel ones. This shows Stainless Steel is a Conqueror over all the other Tank options available in the market!

For more precise comparison between Stainless steel and  plastic tanks we have given a comparison table below.

Parameters Plastic Stainless
Corrosion Resistance Y Y
Whether Resistance N N
High Aesthetic Appeal N N
Easy to clean N N
Low aintainace cost Y Y
No repainting N N
Longer shelf life Y Y

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