Top 6 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Water Tanks Are

What is the nightmare for home owners as a house nears completion? One answer is water tanks as they are must haves for every home. It is very important that before making any investment you must be knowledgeable about what works best with your requirements.So, before deciding upon the cost, or size of the tank, it is important to learn more about the material that will suit best for you.
They are available in a range of materials, depending upon their own attributes. However, stainless steel water tanks are considered to be the right choice in many ways over plastic and concrete.

Below, we have listed down the reasons of why stainless steel water tanks are popular:

1. Corrosion Protection: Stainless steel offers exceptional endurance in comparison to steel, concrete, or plastic. This material combats oxidation by water, as well as biocides, which is a beneficial feature for working with water, or other corrosive materials.

2.  Longevity: Stainless steel tanks offer high resistance to corrosion, as well as wear and tear in contaminated and pure waters. This material remains adaptable through all strengths. It is heat resistant and remains unaltered by exposure to harmful radiation. Also, it has fewer chances of freezing, rust, or cracking.

3. Recyclable: Stainless steel is considered a pure metal alloy, which means it is habitat-friendly. Mostly, new age stainless steel water tanks consist of  60-70% recycled material, thereby making them biodegradable and recyclable.

4. Hygienic: The solid storage tanks offer cost benefits, but  are the most unhygienic. On the other hand, stainless steel water tank is a hygienic choice and easy to clean. It has high passive stability, which contributes to its inertness in water. As a result, it provides clean drinking water than a compressed water tank.

5. Movability: Stainless steel tanks can be easily moved using a forklift, or by other means. This helps eradicate the cost of buying a new tank, as well as the stress and efforts associated with it.

6. Cost-effective: Stainless steel water tanks have an extended lifespan than many cheaper tanks like plastic, concrete, etc and require fewer repairs, accessions, or maintenance. This helps to reduce the money spent on repair and other changes.

7. Extra Protection: Stainless steel which are available in different grades such as 304, 316, JT and Duplex storage tank has a Second SS layer + insulation that includes a fiber layer puffing which automatically keeps water in ambient temperature.

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