Stainless Steel Showcase Vans by Jindal Stainless!


Stainless steel is synonymous with endless possibilities for growth and innovation. From pins to railways, razor blades to bridges, it is shaping the stainless and sustainable course of of the future. Jindal Stainless was established 50 years ago to make India self-reliant for meeting its stainless steel demand. Now, they endeavour to spread the magic of stainless steel across various spheres of life and showcase some of these endless applications through our display vans.


For spreading awareness about the health, hygiene, cost efficiency and other benefits of stainless steel among a diverse audience, JSL has created 4 stainless steel showcase vans that travel the length and breadth of the country, highlighting the benefits of this wonder metal.


Christened as the Stainless Academy, these vans have helped train thousands of fabricators across several cities. They have a module through which these vans can be ordered at customer site through an online requisition. Each van displays a few of the varied applications of stainless steel in a particular sector. This also enhances the showcase of the stainless edge during conferences, industrial displays, events and road shows.



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